Friday, April 27, 2007


Penguins are remarkable for several reasons, one of which is their eyesight. If you watch these characters long enough you'll notice them studying you. They'll gaze out from the shoreline appearing to observe who is looking in at them. You'll also notice them looking at you while they are swimming. Think about this for a moment. They can see just as well above and below the water. Anyone who has been swimming without a mask or goggles knows our eyes don't work that way. Even in the clearest of pools, the unaided human eye can't focus underwater. But our black and white friends have the ability to alter the shape of their eye's lenses so they can see equally on land and underwater. Eyes in the animal world can be quite striking. Consider the cuttlefishes' beautiful eyes. Or how relatively large the eyes are on a squirrelfish. The Hyacinth Macaw's eyes are like black marbles, but the yellow feathers around them give them a friendly expression. Next time you're at the aquarium pay attention to the eyes. And while you're looking, see who's looking back at you.

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