Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Idea Is Hatched

Your tour of "Penguins' Rock" in the Penguin Keeper's Blog begins with a peek behind the scenes to see everything that has gone into creating this amazing gallery at the Tennessee Aquarium. When Ocean Journey was built, empty space was left in the building for future expansion. (See top photo) The idea for a penguin exhibit was hatched nearly two years ago. The entire Tennessee Aquarium team has worked to make this project come together. Other zoos and aquariums across the United States were quizzed about their exhibits, and some sites were visited by our staff. When all the information was weighed, it was decided that gentoo and macaroni penguins would be fun, lively and unusual species to feature at the Aquarium. Now the design team had a challenge. "Let's make this gallery something special." And we think they have done a great job creating a habitat that meets all of the penguins needs, and is not only a fun place for them to live, but is a fun place for us to see them waddling along the rocky shoreline and "flying" underwater. The bottom two pictures show how the re-bar and forms were set up for pouring the concrete walls of "Penguins' Rock."

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