Monday, April 23, 2007

Just Don't Call Me Late For Supper

When the four penguins arrived from Pittsburgh, they already had names. In the picture above you see these particular macaroni penguins right after they came to the Aquarium. Hercules is the largest of the four, the other male's name is Ceasar. The two females are named Shamrock and Sweet Pea. Shamrock is the one facing away from the camera. She isn't really shy, she was just looking the other way when this picture was taken. In fact none of the penguins are shy. They are all fairly friendly, very curious and all of the penguins seem to have their own personalities. Right now each bird has flipper bands to help us identify the birds. The four from Pittsburgh respond to their names, and we're hoping to come up with names for all the birds. That's where you can have some fun and help us out. Check out this link to suggest a name for the 16 birds without names. By the way, if it weren't for the flipper bands it would be hard to tell the males and females apart. They look pretty much identical to the untrained eye. Males, in certain species, tend to be heavier than females but this is not always reliable. The male's beak also tends to be thicker and longer than the female's. Many zoos and aquariums use a blood sample to perform a DNA test to determine sex.

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