Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rolling Along With Rocky?

While our load of four Macaronis were enjoying the water surrounding "Penguins' Rock", Senior Aviculturist Kevin Calhoun was enroute from Texas with the rest of the penguins. Two Lesco drivers were tag-teaming the truck driving, while Kevin and SeaWorld Aviculturist Phyllis Gutierrez followed in a car. The birds were checked frequently, and seemed to get along just fine. By the time they got to Chattanooga everyone was ready to get out and stretch legs, or in the penguins' case, flippers. A word about flippers. Penguins have very strong muscles to propel them through the water. When you come to "Penguins' Rock" you'll see how fast they "fly" through the water, and how they use their flippers to rocket out of the water. It's really amazing. They are also somewhat good at slapping you around if you aren't careful. These guys and gals don't have names yet, but "Rocky" might be a good one for one of the larger gentoos. Kevin will point out "the big boy" that gave him a roundhouse flipper to the head. He says they pack quite a punch. The above picture shows Kevin introducing one of the gentoos to "Penguins' Rock." The other 16 penguins made the trip from San Antonio in excellent shape and now all 20 birds are busy playing at the Tennessee Aquarium. In fact, in less than an hour the penguins seemed to be really enjoying their new home.

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