Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bear Hug? What's That?

Many people think penguins are huggably cute. But in the penguin's world there's no such thing as a bear hug. I hear this relatively common question, "Do polar bears eat penguins?" The quick answer is no. Polar bears live in the northern hemisphere while all 17 penguin species live in the southern hemisphere. Think of it this way: POLar bears live near the North POLE. Penguins live closer to Antarctica. There are a number of reasons this is confusing though.

Check out this humorous photo-shopped image of a penguin waking up a polar bear:

Or this cartoon of what would happen if polar bears took a little boat ride:

Photo editing can also look pretty real, and may be another reason people think polar bears and penguins can co-exist as in this example:

If you want to see a few Antarctic Antics that will make you smile, check out Wally and Osborne. You guessed it! A great comic featuring a polar bear and his penguin pal:

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Seppo said...

I noted you were linked someone's photos I edited to your site. One of the inspiration was these Christmas theme I saw in Abu Dhabi Mall (Middle-East).

Maybe Arabs really think that these Animals live together:

I renamed my blogs later because this edited photo and the joke about polar bears eating penguins lead hundreds of internet users to my blog site.