Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'll Take What's Behind Door Number 1

Every morning penguin breakfast is being prepared behind the scenes, and some clever little birds have this all figured out. People have asked me if the penguins have personalities, and I would have to say yes. Take this little wise-guy for example. This gentoo doesn't mind following me into the keeper's area. He has figured out that when the door opens into the exhibit, good things like smelt or capelin usually come in. So through the door he waddles, sneaking in on my heels trying to filch some fish. Only this time he was caught on camera with his beak in the capelin tray. Before you know it he performs his favorite magic trick, making three capelin disappear....gulp....gulp....gulp. As I shoo him back into the exhibit, it feels like he has a smile on his beak. The only evidence of his crime is fishy breath, and a slightly bigger tummy.

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