Monday, May 21, 2007

"Reservation for one. Gentoo's the name. Got it?"

Here's a smile maker for you. This gentoo knows I am the one who brings fish. So in this picture it appears that he is making sure his reservation is in order with the maitre ' d. "Yes, I have a 11:30 reservation, party of one. The reservation should be under the name gentoo. I'm sure you have it written on your clip-board somewhere." It may not be a five-star dining experience, but our kitchen is kept as clean and tidy as the finest restaurants around. In fact much of the food we feed our animals is restaurant grade. The smelt and capelin come in frozen form and we thaw them out in the morning and dish them up to the penguins on ice. About the only thing they would complain about is bent or mushy fish. Those get tossed to the side and are only eaten when the others are gone. Penguins prefer fish that are straight and firm. And in one way, this makes a lot of sense. Straight fish are going to be easier to swallow whole. And I even understand the mushy part as well. Who wants to eat a mushy fish? Smelt is their favorite and like puppy dogs, these little characters know when I have their favorite fish in a pan. Right now they seem pretty happy flipper to flipper bellying up to a pan full of fish. They never complain about the service at the Penguins' Rock Cafe. But they never leave very big tips either.


dachsiemom said...

Thanks for the daily update and pictures. You have no idea how much I enjoy and learn from your postings. I have not met them in person yet because of the long lines that I know are at the aquarium right now,so for the moment I am enjoying them from afar.You have to have the very best job in the world!!!I am jealous and would love to be in your shoes!!!Thanks again.

penguinfan said...

I think what you are doing is amazing. My life long goal is to work with penguins one day. It fascinates me learning new stuff about penguins from someone that actually works with them every day. thank you for doing your blogs and sharing your experiences.