Monday, May 7, 2007

Splish, Splash I Was Takin' A Bath

Wow what a busy past few days we have had at "Penguins' Rock." I think the penguins had as much fun seeing everyone visiting as the people enjoyed seeing the penguins. Every once in awhile you'll see me or one of our penguin volunteers cleaning the inside of the windows. We have an extension pole with a soft cloth at the end of it so we can wipe any fish scales or feathers from the acrylic. The birds are always having fun in the water jumping in and out, shaking their tails and heads. They also bathe while they are floating atop the waves. The penguins will roll over on one side and rapidly move one flipper, splashing water all over the place. Sometimes you'll see them on one side and then rolling over to the other side as if they are making sure both sides are squeaky clean. Normally I enjoy watching them doing this. But there was one time when it was not so fun. We had a crew in filming the penguins for a fun commercial you'll be seeing sometime soon. It was my job to clear all of the water droplets from the acrylic so the camera crew had a perfectly clear view of the penguins. Just about the time I would have the inside of the window spotless, you guessed it......splish, splash! A gentoo or macaroni would float by splashing water back onto the spot I had just dried off. Everyone looking in had big smiles on their faces, and it felt like a few sneaky penguins had grins on their beaks as well. You can see the fun music video the film crew put together by going back to our penguin page here: http://

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kiddiecapers said...

We had a great time last Tuesday, and hope to be back soon!