Friday, June 29, 2007

Our Flippers Keep Us From Tripping

I love to get questions from visitors, and here's a great one from Caleb who came to the Tennessee Aquarium from Nashville, TN. Caleb asks, "Why do penguins put their fins out when they walk?" Well Caleb that's a great question. When walking, penguins use their flippers or wings for balance. So when you see a penguin in a big hurry on land, most of the time they will have their flippers out to the side and pulled slightly back to help with balance. Although somewhat clumsy on land, gentoos can out run a person over short distances. At Penguins' Rock you'll sometimes see them running for the pan of fish like the gentoos in the picture above.


Laura DeFilippo said...

I visited the Penguins again today! Thanks for answering my question! I love this blog and the live cam. My mom and I watch it all the time. We are bringing my grandparents from Missouri to see the Penguins in 2 weeks.


Katie said... check out these penguins I wonder how they evolved into what we know today- Kate from The science Desk at

hosstalks said...

Thom told me about the Penguin Cam and it is very cool to watch. I can't wait to see their new home and the new addition to the Aquarium. Chattanooga should be very proud of this family freindly addition to an already great city. Thank you also for the informative facts on their home and your activities. Please tell us more about them and what it takes to keep their home "homey".

CIndy Ellenbolt, Trenton, GA