Thursday, June 28, 2007

Penguin Curiosity

All of the penguins have adjusted to our equipment and cleaning techniques, especially the hoses. However, being curious by nature, our penguins like to explore anything new. It doesn’t matter if it’s the antennae on my radio sticking out of the back of my greens, the rubberized coveralls we wear, or the water stream coming out of the water hose. It’s all interesting. Many times you’ll see gentoo’s chasing the water stream as I clean the rocks. It’s really pretty comical and sometimes you’ll see me laughing at their antics. This brings up an important lesson we were taught before the penguins arrived here. Penguin curiosity can get them in trouble. Just about all of the penguins will snap up anything in an instant if given a chance. So you’ll always see us keeping a watchful eye on “items” while in the exhibit; whether it’s a simple scrub brush, water streaming from the hose or even the stoppers on our jackets. We don’t like to take chances so we make sure everything that goes in with us comes out when we do.

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