Thursday, July 26, 2007

Penguins and Summer Camp

Summer camp at the Tennessee Aquarium is a part of being the penguin keeper. The campers really enjoy visiting Penguins’ Rock, and I enjoy answering their questions. Here is a sample of interesting questions, from a group of the younger campers who were visiting the penguins for the first time.

Why do penguins eat fish? Penguins were made to hunt fish. Everything about them is suited for life in the water. Their beaks are designed for catching fish. Some penguins have long, thin, pointed beaks and some have shorter, thicker beaks; each type suited for catching different kinds of fish. Penguins are also built for speed underwater so they can chase and catch their prey. Here at the Tennessee Aquarium their favorite fish are smelt, capelin and mackerel.

Why don’t they have a slide? As much fun as that would be for us, penguins wouldn’t like a slide. Penguins really prefer diving into the water.

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