Friday, August 31, 2007

A special guest visits "Penguins' Rock"

Former Tennessee Senator Howard Baker was in the Scenic City recently to address the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce during their annual meeting. Senator Baker praised the city for it's many accomplishments including the rebirth of the downtown and revitalization of the entire riverfront area. His remarks included high praise for the Tennessee Aquarium saying, "The Tennessee Aquarium does unique and special things for Chattanooga. It's the crown jewel of this community." We were pleased to introduce him to the Aquarium's newest stars, our gentoo and macaroni penguins. Senator Baker has always been a passionate photographer, and he really enjoyed the chance to photograph the playful birds at "Penguins' Rock." Penguin curiosity brought them close enough for some great shots. Afterwards a number of people spotted him and walked up to say hello and shake hands. That's high praise for Senator Baker who is obviously still very popular among many of the people he served.

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