Friday, September 21, 2007

Face To Beak At Penguins' Rock

It's always fun hearing from families after they visit the Tennessee Aquarium, and we love to see their pictures as well. So thanks to Jeri from Chattanooga for sending this terrific picture and brief story about a photographer with a bright future ahead.

"I have attached the picture that my 9 year old son took – Joshua. In the photo is his older brother Charlie who is 10 ½. Charlie is looking into the glass at the penguin, showing his reflection."

"Charlie and Josh and wonderful little boys, I am truly blessed. We moved back down to Chattanooga last summer from New Jersey. When we lived here in 97 through 99, Charlie and I would go to the aquarium all the time. He loves all the fish. They enjoy living here in scenic Chattanooga." - Jeri

Thanks for sending the great picture! We hope Joshua and Charlie come back soon.

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