Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's cold outside! That's why you should come in to the Tennessee Aquarium's Rivers of the World exhibit. There you'll see an amphibian guaranteed to make you sweat! It's the fire-bellied toad! Usually found in China, Korea and other Southeast Asian countries, the other amphibians in the aquarium seem fascinated to see this unique visitor here in these parts. He's a just a little guy at three inches long and because of his green and brown markings, he stays well hidden from predators. If one does find him, though, our creative and resourceful friend will raise its head, arms and legs up toward the sky to warn his enemy that he'd better stay away if he doesn't want to get sprayed with his toxic skin secretions. The fire-bellied toad's bright orange and black belly may be pretty for us to look at but to those trying to eat him for their next meal, it's a heated warning to back off. Pretty cool, huh?

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