Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

If you stroll down Discovery Hall here at the Tennessee Aquarium, you might notice a little green fella with large, black, tired eyes staring back at you. The Hyla cinerea or Green Tree Frog is not, however, always the bright green you'll see here at the aquarium. Some tree frogs may have a gray or yellow coloring. It's long legs enable it to leap high into the air to catch its food - usually insects - and can be found in marshy areas, as well as lakes, swamps and on many occasions, near well-lit buildings all across the southeast region of North America.

Known to be spotted in neighborhoods and campgrounds, these guys don't seem shy at all in front of humans. In fact, they've been known to rest on kitchen window sills, just waiting for the next moth or fly to buzz around a bright porch light. If you spot one, be careful you don't step on it. These amphibians are 2.5 inches long and are easy to miss. On second thought, just come on by the Tennessee Aquarium and see them along with all of our other animals. It might be safer that way.

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