Monday, February 25, 2008

Share Your Stories

We love to hear about your visits to the Tennessee Aquarium. Here's one Jill sent to us from Dalton, Georgia. Thanks for sharing your story and pictures with us Jill!

Our family visited the Tennessee Aquarium yesterday, and we absolutely LOVED the Penguins Rock Exhibit. My youngest daughter (almost 2 yrsold.) was so in love with the penguin display we had to pull her away kicking and screaming BOTH times we visited. My two older children loved it, as well. We cannot wait to make another trip back to the Aquarium to see Little Debbie, Nipper, and all the penguins again!

I've attached a few pictures that I thought you might like to see. The first is of my son Avery with one of the penguins, and the second is of daughter Ashton doing her impersonation of the way a penguin stands.

After we looked at the picture, we said it looked as if the penguin was standing on her head.
I wanted to get one of the 2 yr old with the penguins, but she was so excited, we couldn't get her to stand still long enough!

Thanks so much for the great memories!
Jill - Dalton, GA

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