Thursday, August 21, 2008

Artistic Jellies

Thanks to Terri from Athens, AL for capturing this artistic image of west coast sea nettles at the Tennessee Aquarium. Their stinging arms look like flexible neon lights in this picture.

Terri had this to say about her recent visit: "My husband and kids and I had been camping near Chattanooga and drove in for the day. The kids had a ton of fun running around the undulating walkways and waterways around the aquarium. I wish we had something like that in our little town. My son was amazed at every gross animal and my daughter loved the beautiful ones. The poor sea turtle was a special interest to us, we are so glad you've given it a peaceful home to live in (sharks and all). Jellyfish have freaked me out since childhood, but the backlighting and graceful moves made them intriguing. I got my daughter to take several shots of me standing dangerously close to the towers of jellyfish. This shot was taken while holding the camera lens against the glass as it swam by. It is now my computer desktop."

It's a great looking shot! Thanks for sending it. Hang onto your hat if you are like Terri and a bit "terri-fied" by jellyfish, approximately 100 sea walnuts were added to "Boneless Beauties" gallery this week.

Looking for some more scary fun? Start thinking about visiting the Tennessee Aquarium in October to enjoy learning about the creepy and cool animals during "Thrills, Gills and Chills." "Sea Monsters 3D" returns to the IMAX Theater during October as well.