Thursday, August 28, 2008

Get Movin' with a Tennessee Aquarium Membership

One of our volunteers agreed to a rather quirky request to have his legs and feet photographed in River Journey's Delta Swamp exhibit. "I've never had my feet photographed before," he said. I explained the odd request by relating the story Christa from Harrison, TN recently sent us. She wrote a letter to let everyone know how much she enjoys her membership visits at the Tennessee Aquarium. You see Christa balanced work and home life by beginning each day with a morning devotion and a daily brief walk. But foot surgery and other issues forced Christa to stop taking walks. As a result, she began feeling burdened by work and home duties. She says she felt "out of sorts" as a result. Here's her solution:
"Bringing my lunch [to work] every day, reading or doing crossword puzzles for relaxation, I needed an incentive, a place to go for walks starting in that gray February. Enjoying nature, I bought a year's family plus membership at the Tennessee Aquarium, which is a ten minute drive away. Being frugal, it cost less than an exercise program." So twice a week Christa would take a 20 to 30 minute walk at the Aquarium alternating her trips between River Journey and Ocean Journey. "It was usually peaceful and I enjoyed the blue water exhibits, walking down the slope and enjoying the fish, creatures and butterfly garden. I felt revived." With a family plus membership Christa was able to bring a guest each time. Sometimes it was family members, church friends, neighbors and even co-workers joined her on these walks.
Thanks Christa for sharing your story. We don't have fancy exercise equipment at this "jungle gym," but sometimes it's the mind and one's spirit that need a special workout. Your story is a reminder that the Tennessee Aquarium is a great place to relax and reconnect.
If you'd like to become a Tennessee Aquarium member, the information is available here:

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