Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some more awesome pictures!

Our thanks today to Michele Smith for sharing a few of her outstanding images she captured on a recent visit to the Tennessee Aquarium. If Michele isn't a professional photographer, she ought to be. She has a great eye!

Here's what Michele's friend Darrin had to say about their trip to Chattanooga: We made a special trip down to Chattanooga from Nashville specifically to visit your aquarium. Michele had been there years before and it seemed like a great idea for a road trip, while I was visiting Nashville from Colorado Springs. It was a fantastic trip! Except for the rain, it was an incredible trip. We could have spent several more hours just hanging out watching the fish, the sharks, the turtle... It's hard to say what was the best part. The seahorse, sea dragons, the penguins, petting a sting ray, or maybe just listening to the very knowledgeable volunteers telling stories about the animals. It was all fantastic. Unfortunately, timing prevented me from more than just a day trip to your beautiful city, but I hope to come back again. Next time, I hope to make a weekend of it, and spend some time enjoying some of the other activities around town.

Gentoo penguin - taken by Michele Smith

North American river otters - taken by Michele Smith

Feeding time in the Gulf of Mexico exhibit. - taken by Michele Smith

Leafy sea dragon - taken by Michele Smith

Look Closely! A ribboned pipehorse blends in to the scenery. - taken by Michele Smith

Nectar break in the Tennessee Aquarium's Butterfly Garden. - taken by Michele Smith


doodlebug_92 said...

my mommy took those pictures!!!! go mamma llama!!! (michele!) i loverz you mamma!!!!

Darrin Van De Casteele said...

Yes, she did; and she did a great job. This is only a small sample of the fantastic work she can do...people need to know what a talented lady she is and contact her for their special events.