Monday, November 3, 2008

An Update On The River Gorge Explorer

Thanks to a new grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, there have been even more explorers aboard the Tennessee River Gorge Explorer. The grant from the Foundation allowed for 3rd-5th graders from Calvin Donaldson Environmental Science Academy to discover the importance of freshwater conservation. In late October, the tour became an eco-adventure for these students when they tested water quality, searched for native species and learned about freshwater habitats.

You too can be part of the exploration of the Tennessee River Gorge while visiting the Riverfront of Chattanooga. Leaving from the Chattanooga Pier, the Explorer takes guests on a tour of "Tennessee's Grand Canyon," as you pass through Signal and Raccoon Mountain. The River Gorge Explorer is a 70 passenger high-speed catamaran creates an adventure on the Tennessee River.

It is a beautiful way to see the fall foliage as well as get a glimpse at the wildlife we are so privileged to have in our own backyard. Chattanooga's fall climate in perfect for viewing the many colors of changing leaves. This gorgeous climate also attracts migrating hawks. The naturalist on-board is always keeping a keen eye out to point out the wildlife seen from the cruise.

For more information check out the official web page for the River Gorge Explorer.

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