Monday, November 17, 2008

Wild Weather Aboard the River Gorge Explorer

"If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute and it will change." It's not real clear who first coined this humorous look at a certain locality's variable weather conditions. It has been attributed to many including Mark Twain and Will Rogers. Many locations have adopted the saying as if to boast about the weirdness of their weather. Try a Google search and you'll be amazed...Colorado, Texas, New England and others lay claim to sixty-second wild weather flip-flops. So the Tennessee River Gorge ought to be included in the list. A sharp cold front passed through the area Friday night bringing a variety of weather to the Chattanooga area. Captain Pete tells me the passengers aboard the River Gorge Explorer enjoyed a climatologically wild ride Saturday. "We had a little bit of rain, sleet, snow and two full rainbows. It was wild," said Captain Pete. "In fact, there were two times with full sun. Not just a few breaks in the clouds, but totally sunny sky overhead. And when we turned around, we didn't have any wind and it was really nice out on the observation deck." Many people might think the best river cruising weather is over. But if you ask Captain Mike or Captain Pete, they will tell you the best is yet to come. Winter is their favorite time on the river. "You can see more in winter," says Captain Pete. Fear not fair weather fans. The River Gorge Explorer is climate-controlled, so no matter how long you wait...the weather inside will always be comfortable and quite predictable.

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