Thursday, January 15, 2009

Emperor For A Day

BRRRRRR! We are getting a taste of cold weather while much of the nation is shivering in sub-zero temperatures. A radio news segment broadcast this morning included a Chicago man who stated, "It's cold enough for penguins right now." True enough. Even here in Chattanooga, it will be cold enough for the next couple of days to suit our gentoo and macaronis. (Although they'll stay inside the friendly, and warmer confines of Penguins' Rock where temperatures stay in the low 40s year round. A virtual heat-wave compared to being outside.) So it was remarkable timing that these pictures landed in our e-mail this morning from a Tennessee Aquarium member. We're glad to share these shots of Bo, who was "emperor for a day" during the Aquarium's Halloween party. Here's what Bo's mom had to say:

Hello...I hope this email isn't too late but I thought I would pass on some pictures from our Halloween at the TN Aquarium. The staff was incredible. It was so fun! I was especially impressed and touched by staff members (Kevin, LoriBeth, and Amanda). It really was an amazing experience!!

Enjoy the pictures and thank you for such a wonderful facility...we enjoy our time there greatly!
Ashley & son, Bo

Thanks Ashley for sharing your story and pictures with us.

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