Monday, January 5, 2009

Hooray for Rays!

Sometimes people watching is almost as much fun as viewing the animals at the Tennessee Aquarium. For example, if you hang around Shark Island long enough and you'll see all kinds of facial expressions. Ear to ear grins, eyebrow arching surprise to wide-eyed fear. We see a lot of stingray fans after an aquatic encounter in Ocean Journey. One such fan recently wrote to tell us about his "touching" experience.
"Dear T.N. Aquarium, I just can't stop thinking of the way you feed, teach, entertain & play with the fish. I love to read your "RiverWatch" magazines. Last time I went, I made a friend out of a stingray, cause it let me pet his wings & came back for more. Pretty soon, it was flapping it's head above the surface for me to rub it's forehead. I like to watch the penguins. They're hilarious. Your fan, Chase/ age 11"
Thanks for the great letter Chase. And thanks to Chase's mom who attached the following message:
"My son is so in love with marine biology and your aquarium has been extremely instrumental in that. ....He is such a huge fan of the Aquarium's and all of the employees. He loves to watch the divers feed the fish. - Donna from McDonald, TN"

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