Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Exciting new 3D film opens Friday at IMAX

A Leafy Sea Dragon gets a spotlight from the sun above the waters of South Australia during the filming of the IMAX® 3D film Under the Sea 3D. © 2008 Jeff Wildermuth used with permission by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

"Full of wonder!" might be the best way to describe the new film, "Under the Sea 3D" which premiers at the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX Theater this Friday. We are very lucky to have many of the animal stars or closely related species next door at the Aquarium. For example, you can get up close to live weedy and leafy seadragons at the Aquarium, then see them on the giant screen at IMAX in their native waters. You may see one or both of our green sea turtles munching veggies in the Gulf of Mexico exhibit or in the Secret Reef at the Aquarium. While viewing "Under the Sea 3D", you'll witness a green sea turtle munching on a huge jellyfish.

You'll see cool behaviors such as the lightning-fast fishing attempts of stonefish and cuttlefish. Playful sea lions frolic in front of the IMAX 3D camera and clouds of colorful reef fish seem to swirl all around you during the film. You'll also enjoy "in your face" scenes of great white sharks and sea snakes.

Get ready to dive in and explore the remote and exotic underwater reefs of "Under the Sea 3D."

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