Monday, March 2, 2009

Butterflies and thoughts of springtime

We had a blustery day in Chattanooga yesterday. A few snow flurries were seen around the area and a light dusting of snow coated our local mountains. The windy and cold conditions are still with us today. From inside looking out, it's hard to tell that such a sunny day could be so deceptively chilly. It's times like these that call for a retreat into the tropical warmth of the Tennessee Aquarium's butterfly garden. And right on cue, these beautiful butterfly pictures were delivered this morning by e-mail from an Atlanta resident who wanted to share her pictures with everyone.

"I have been to your aquarium twice now. I live in Atlanta and was recommended to go to the Tennessee Aquarium. The first time I went was in July of last year on a wonderful package deal from Costco that included Imax, aquarium and lodging at the Chattanooga Choo choo. I can't afford many vacations so this was a great value. The second time was this past fall and took my sister and brother. Both of whom loved the aquarium. Since the leaves were changing we included sight seeing at Rock City and Cloudland canyon, which is one of my favorite places now. It's only a couple hours to Tennessee and is easily a day trip. I highly recommend visiting.
I have many wonderful pictures from my visits but especially love butterflies." - Alyse, Atlanta, GA.

Thanks Alyse for sharing your story and images with us!

Right now Chattanooga is about to burst out in spring color. A few of the redbuds and bradford pear trees are blooming. Hopefully we've seen the last of "old man winter" for this year.

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