Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tons 'O Aquarium Fun

We tip our pith helmets to anyone adventurous enough to visit the Tennessee Aquarium for Spring Break Safaris and Close Encounters of the Animal Kind.
Kids have three Aquarium Safaris to choose from. Two place them in the role of Aquatic Biologists and one allows them to join the crew aboard the Tennessee Aquarium River Gorge Explorer. Click here to learn more:
Check out this video for a taste of what you'll experience during the morning aquatic safari at the Tennessee Aquarium.

Spring break is a wild time at the Tennessee Aquarium with our new Animal Encounters. Three new educators have been hired to ensure our guests have a chance to meet more of our incredible animals up close more often. These close encounters of the animal kind help connect visitors with creatures that they might not otherwise happen upon in their daily lives. Many of these animals lead cryptic lives underground or only come out well after sunset.

With so much going on at the Tennessee Aquarium, spring break and St. Patrick's Day are going to be "Tons 'O Fun!"

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