Friday, April 17, 2009

"The Cold and the Beautiful"

Yesterday we checked in on the budding romance seen on the Tennessee Aquarium's live web cam channel. The program we watched yesterday, "The Young and the Rockless," revolved around young love in the macaroni world. Today we tune into GTV, the gentoo channel, for the premiere episode of what we’ll call…”The Cold and the Beautiful.”

The Gentoo Penguins are a little older and therefore appear to have their act together in terms of couples. Peep and Poncho are a very cute pair and are often seen sitting together on their nest. Peep is one of the few penguins experienced in raising a chick (although not with Poncho) so we are hopeful this new couple will have a successful nesting season. Blue and Biscuit, another Gentoo couple who have raised chicks in the past, are often see bowing their heads together and then stretching their necks in a very sweet and common courtship behavior.

Then there is Nipper. Nipper is young and obviously inexperienced. He appears to be curious as to why everybody is sitting on a pile of rocks. So when they leave to go get a bite of food or take a swim, he tests out their nest by sitting on it. It is only a matter of time before the nest owner shows up and chases him off. Flower, a female gentoo, seems to be a little sweet on Nipper, but so far he is clueless (face it ladies – we’ve all met this guy, haven’t we?)

The other Gentoo couple is Big T and Bug. This is the obviously young and carefree couple that obviously knows the logistics of how to make an egg, but have failed to build a nest to put the egg in when it arrives – so they will be very entertaining to watch in the coming weeks.

Check the penguin cam often, not only can you watch them eat lunch or take a swim, you might just catch a disagreement over nest placement and or available mates! And if you can solve the mystery of who’s been putting nesting rocks in the food pan – please let us know.

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