Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easy Way to Settle a Wager.

Plenty of people hear the infamous penguin-nabbing urban legend. And some are busting the myth for friends and relatives after checking out our video on YouTube:

We want to thank Jennifer from Chattanooga for sharing her story about doing a little "myth-busting."

"I thought you might find it amusing that a co-worker of mine just came in and told me his wife called him on his lunch break today with an amazing story. She is a hairdresser and one of her clients told her that a friend of hers had a son go missing at the aquarium for over an hour while on a school field trip. They looked high and low and couldn't find him anywhere, but then he just came walking into the main lobby giggling. He told everyone he was hiding. On the way home the boy opened up his backpack in the car and to his poor mother's horror, there was a baby penguin inside that he had stolen right from the aquarium. This client claims to have seen it with her own eyes when her friend called her in hysterics. My coworker's eyes were huge as he was telling me this story and he was just in awe that something like this could happen. I told him it was a hoax and he said it totally wasn't because this lady knew all about it first hand."

"I pulled up the youtube penguin napping video and showed it to him. He felt pretty silly for falling for it. Hahaha, it amazes me what people will believe as fact from a 4th hand account."


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