Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ospreys are Nesting Again

Brad and Kittie Palmer shared this image of the ospreys who were nesting in the Tennessee River Gorge last year. Throughout the summer months, passengers aboard the River Gorge Explorer were thrilled to get close up views of these magnificent birds. Many times you could see one parent on the nest and the other in a nearby tree watching over the site. Aquarium naturalist John Dever says the parents have rebuilt the nest on top of the channel marker. Captain Pete Hosemann said there was a awesome sighting of one of the parents stretching its wings today before taking off. When that bird left the nest, its mate flew in to sit on the eggs. Dever recalls how much fun it was seeing the chicks go from hatchlings to fledglings to catching their first fish last year. We'll try to keep everyone updated as this spring and summer roll on.

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