Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Shark Lady" Dr. Eugenie Clark

We are honored to have Dr. Eugenie Clark at the Tennessee Aquarium this evening to present, "Sea Monsters I Have Known," a special lecture about some of the amazing creatures she has studied underwater. Dr. Clark is known by many as the "Shark Lady" for her body of work studying different shark species. She is the founder of Florida's Mote Marine Laboratory and remains an active diver and researcher.

Dr. Clark's family took her to the Battery Park Aquarium in New York when she was a child. This was all the inspiration she needed to devote her life to learning more about marine life and educating others about the world's oceans.

She has been an inspiration to many people throughout her career, including underwater filmmaker Nick Caloyianis. Nick is always quick to name Dr. Clark as his friend and mentor whenever he talks about his career and underwater adventures. Nick and Eugenie are seen above in the famous "Peter Gimble Shark Cage" at the Tennessee Aquarium. Also pictured are Nick's partner and underwater filmmaker/photographer Clarita Berger and Dr. Clark's son, Tak Konstantinou.

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Sonne said...

Dr. Clark's lecture was fantastic! What an inspiration she is to all of us -- an octogenarian who still actively dives, and is even planning a trip in a nuclear sub to celebrate her next birthday. Thank you Dr. Clark for sharing your stories, and incredible photos with us this evening.

mountainlady said...

What a fantastic event! Dr. Clark was quite entertaining, as well as informative. Her accomplishments and activities were inspiring to all. Just knowing that she continues to dive and explore at age 87 (next month!) makes those of us who have slowed down in our 50s ashamed!