Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Young and the Rockless

Here is a picture of Shamrock selecting the perfect rock for her nest.

Spring makes for very interesting observations at Penguins’ Rock. Don’t get me wrong – it’s always entertaining, but with the addition of nesting materials (rocks) on April 1, the exhibit has become much more amusing than normal. In fact, some might jokingly refer to it like an animal soap opera. And keep checking back, since we are still early in the season, all pairs listed below are subject to change in coming weeks.

So here is today’s installation of what we’ll call…"The Young and the Rockless"

Most of the Macaroni’s are young and inexperienced in the ways of love (ie. nest building and mating). So, this makes for some interesting interactions to say the least. Hercules is really the one to watch and trust me, he is very busy these days. Over the last 2 weeks he has been courting three macaroni females; Little Debbie, Shamrock and Sweet Pea. He is currently only sitting on a nest with Shamrock but don’t be fooled, he has been caught preening Sweet Pea from time to time when Sharmock is taking a dip in the pool.

Other Macaroni couples from last spring are Pauley and Noodle as well as Chaos and Iggie. We’re not sure how the initial break-ups occurred but as it stands today, Pauley and Chaos appear to be a couple as do Noodle and Iggie. Apparently, since all these birds are still fairly young, it is not uncommon for them to switch mates from season to season. As they become older and more experienced, they will tend to stick with one mate (sound familiar?). The humorous part here is that Iggie, evidently still has a thing for Chaos as he is preening her when Pauley’s not looking and today, she was preening Iggie while Pauley had his back turned. Hmmm… obviously these pairs are yet to be determined.

And, if you’re wondering we do still have some singles out there including Merlin the Macaroni who was with Little Debbie last year but is still stacking rocks and ‘working the room’ at this point.
Stay tuned as we channel surf for gentoo updates tomorrow on "The Cold and the Beautiful."

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