Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Artful Jellies Invading Chattanooga

Jellies have been top of mind for everyone at the Aquarium as the new Jellies: Living Art gallery is set to open on Friday. So I wasn't too surprised to see these jellies invading my office yesterday. The shadows on the floor jumped out at me, so I snapped a couple of pictures. But it was only when I started posting them here that I realized the collection of sea turtles appears to be chasing after them. There are some beautiful scenes in "Under the Sea 3D" of a green sea turtle munching on a jellyfish. Check it out at the IMAX 3D Theater:
You might also want to go behind the scenes to see Dale Chihuly's macchias being unpacked at Ocean Journey. Graham Graham, (That is his real name.) is a close friend of Chihuly's and led the installation team for the exhibition here at the Aquarium and at the Hunter. You'll hear his insight about this rare opportunity to view this art collection in Chattanooga.
Jellies: Living Art opens at the Tennessee Aquarium and Hunter Museum of American Art this Friday, May 15th.

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