Thursday, May 14, 2009

Screamers at the Tennessee Aquarium

One of the featured artists in the new Jellies: Living Art gallery, located inside the Ocean Journey building, is Stephen Rolfe Powell. Visitors will enjoy his brightly-colored and whimsical works he calls, "Screamers." According to Powell, these pieces are the third body of work following the "Teasers" and "Wackos." The Teasers were his first works while the Wackos get their moniker from the wacky process the team goes through to produce these pieces. Powell says the Screamers are more bird-like vessels which to him, seem to be trumpeting or screaming.

Go behind the scenes at the Tennessee Aquarium as glass artist Stephen Rolfe Powell installs his work via this video segment. You will also see his team creating a Screamer.

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