Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Special Visitor Happy to Learn About Chaos & Paulie

Thanks to Stephen from Chattanooga for sharing his fun story about his recent visit and special connection to "Chaos."

"Just wanted to write a few words about our recent visit to the Tennessee Aquarium. We have been members for years now and have enjoyed bringing guests from all around the local area and country to see this great attraction. This time it was two friends (soon to be family) from Ottawa, Canada. The Aquarium was the first thing they had put on their list when we asked what they wanted to do during their visit. They were thrilled with the Aquarium (both River Journey and Ocean Journey). We actually spent 5+ hours there because we couldn't get enough, and may have been the last guests to leave. The day we visited, another pair of penguins laid an egg, which was a great surprise. Speaking of penguins, I had personally wanted to visit Chaos, who had recently laid an egg. Chaos was the unfortunate recipient of the name I submitted in last year's naming contest. I wanted to express my apologies to the poor bird-- I really didn't think anyone would choose "Chaos"-- but ironically it seemed to have boosted her spirits enough to produce the first egg of the new penguin exhibit-- we were very excited to see the egg and the proud parents-to-be. Both aquariums offered new surprises for us all, as they always do-- from the Jellies: Living Art to the big blue Macaws mimicking our movements for at least 10 minutes (which was hilarious). Thank you for a continued great attraction. We'll be keeping our eyes open for the baby penguins! Stephen and Karen"

While we don't want to count penguins before they hatch, we do encourage everyone to check out the behavior of these amazing birds right now. Not only is the nesting activity highly interesting, but you may get lucky to see Nipper or one of the other birds putting on a splashy, high-speed swimming demonstration. Yesterday afternoon everyone in the gallery was cheering his athletic ability.

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