Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Visitors come to see giant cats or relax.

Visitors often tell us they are surprised by how much Chattanooga has changed in recent years. Today while a father and three sons were riding the electric shuttle bus to the Aquarium, they were discussing this trip and another recent adventure. It had only been a few years since their last visit to Chattanooga, yet the father remarked how much he was surprised by all of the recent additions and improvements in the downtown area. Meanwhile, one of his sons was eagerly anticipating seeing the huge catfish in the Lake Nickajack exhibit. "They're almost as big as my dad!" That kind of excitement will happen after dad takes you fishing and you have your first experience reeling in a six-pound catfish. The young boy explained to everyone within earshot, "You have to drag them up on land real careful or the line will snap." He also wondered aloud, "How in tarnation did they land the big catfish at the Aquarium?"

Although not as humorous, here's another visitor who was taken aback by the city and our friendly residents:

"My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting downtown Chattanooga. Our plan was to have lunch and visit the aquarium. I had not been to Chattanooga in at least 40 years. I was so impressed! Friendly and helpful people at the info desk told us about the wonderful elec. shuttle system. We rode it to the library, where I was able to print out our airline boarding passes for the next day. The shuttle driver gave us directions, was friendly and polite. A couple of residents who work downtown spoke with us and one of them thanked us for visiting your city! We had a delicious lunch at the Big River Grille while sitting on the terrace...PERFECT weather on Thursday. Then a great 3 hours at the aquarium. Everyone was so helpful, polite, truly showing southern friendliness. We will be back before another 40 years! Thank you!" - Linda

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