Friday, July 10, 2009

Bouncing Baby Penguin Almost as Big as Parents

L to R Loribeth Aldrich - aviculturist, Kevin Calhoon - assistant curator of forests and Dr. Chris Keller - Tennessee Aquarium veterinarian, examine the baby macaroni penguin today.
The little bird isn't so little anymore. It tipped the scales at 1580 grams or slightly more than 3 lbs, 7 oz. The check-up went well according to Loribeth Aldrich who said, "Inside the exhibit the chick is vocalizing loudly and can be easily heard over the other penguins." Paulie and Chaos continue to be great parents although they can no longer cover the baby. "The chick is growing the second set of feathers, so there's no real need for the parents to cover it up anymore," said Aldrich.

As this baby macaroni penguin continues to grow, the other eggs could hatch soon if they are viable according to Aldrich. "Bug and Big T's egg could hatch as early as Sunday. Biscuit and Blue's could hatch as early as Monday. If fertile, Poncho and Peep's eggs would hatch around the 24th of July and Zeus and Pebble's eggs would have to wait until around August 7th."
Getting in on the action rather late in the game are Nipper and Flower. They continue nest building and sitting in the nest.

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