Monday, July 13, 2009

Penguins' Rock Update - New barrier up

It may be difficult to see in this image, but a new acrylic barrier has been erected inside "Penguins' Rock." This time the penguin keepers have built the fence for Bug and Big T.
The idea is to help keep any curious penguins away from the nesting pair of birds while allowing visitors to see what' s going on. The barrier that was originally built around Paulie and Chaos worked out pretty well. This is a shot of Big T on the nest behind the barrier. The opening is directly in front of his beak. This new barrier went up because if the egg is viable, it could hatch sometime between now and Saturday. So we're waiting to see what happens.
One other note: Biscuit and Blue's second egg was crushed in the nest. If this egg had been viable, the beginning of the hatching window would have been today. However, Amy Graves said there was no evidence of an embryo.
Here's the penguin tally to date:

Chaos and Paulie – macaroni penguins – one chick
Bug and Big T – gentoo penguins – one egg
Peep and Poncho – gentoo penguins – two eggs
Pebbles and Zeus – gentoo penguins – two eggs

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