Saturday, August 15, 2009

National Geographic Photo Exhibit at IMAX

Many thanks to everyone who joined us "on safari" recently at the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX 3D Theater. These guests were the first ones to view a new traveling photo exhibit that is currently on display inside the theater. "Through the Eyes of the Gods," gives visitors a unique perspective on some of the natural and cultural beauty of Africa. Photographer Robert Haas perched on the side of a helicopter to capture these images of some of the most remote and unspoiled corners of Africa. His inspiring shots are an excellent companion to the film, "African Adventure 3D." This exhibit is produced by the National Geographic Museum and is presented locally by the Chattanooga Zoo.

On this particular night, IMAX patrons were able to meet some unusual critters up close. Members of the Aquarium's education department facilitated these special animal encounters that caused a few wide eyes. Numerous questions followed tentative touches to a giant millipede or boa.

"African Adventure 3D" takes you on a virtual photo safari of the Okavango Delta. The filmmakers did an excellent job of placing the audience in the safari camp, boat and trucks during the 45 minute expedition. Lions, hippos and warthogs thrilled the audience, but my favorite part was hearing everyone react to the elephant scenes. Even after a second viewing, it's fun to see the 3D wrinkled trunk of an elephant swing in front of your face.

Several people won great safari-themed door prizes including an awesome plush tiger. We're told "her" new name is "Dottie."

Go on your own photo safari at the Chattanooga Zoo and upload your best shots to win a behind-the-scenes tour of the Chattanooga Zoo and Tennessee Aquarium. Check out the Zoo's Flickr photo group at: Submit your images between now and October 23rd. Winning images will be exhibited at the Hunter Museum of American Art. Good Luck!

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