Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thanks for Sharing Pictures and Thoughts

It's amazing to see the pictures that Tennessee Aquarium visitors share with everyone. Here's a great example sent to the Aquarium by a recent visitor: "While visiting the aquarium, I was attempting to snap a picture of one of the jellyfish and ended up with this picture. It shows the reflection of my husband and daughter in the glass along with the actual picture of the jellyfish. I tried duplicating the shot and was completely unable to. I just thought it was amazing. As is the Aquarium- we visited in July and hope to return soon!" - Katie

Another visitor e-mailed to share his thoughts about a recent visit: "My friend and I had a great time last Friday and enjoyed all exhibits in both Ocean Journey and River Journey. All staff and volunteers were very helpful and it was a great experience. Besides the penguins and sharks, one of my highlights was touching a milk snake! Until then I would have never been willing to touch any snake in a million years but the handler eased my fear and nervousness! I even learned to appreciate the snake's beauty! Of course that doesn't mean I'm looking for rattlers or copperheads especially here on Kentucky Lake!!! HA!

We also enjoyed an IMAX 3D show and did a River Gorge Cruise during the afternoon. Again everyone was so helpful and friendly and I'm looking forward to another visit in the near future. The guide on the boat and the Captain went out of their way to make all of the passengers feel right at home and special. I also enjoyed the history information that the guide presented about Chattanooga, the river and Lookout Mountain." - Bobby from Camden, TN

The snake Bobby mentioned is one of our education outreach animals that are part of our new animal encounters program. Every hour of every day in both Aquarium buildings, a different animal is brought out for visitors to meet. One of our animal encounter specialists helps guests get to know these critters, their special adaptations and interesting behaviors.

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Thanks again to Katie and Bobby for sharing their experiences with everyone!

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