Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Color Update: Peak Approaching

The weather in Chattanooga is finally beginning to settle into a more typical fall pattern after a very wet period from September into October. While we were thankful for the rain, it's nice to have the blue sky and cool temperatures that everyone enjoys and comes to expect at this time of year. Bands of color have begun to paint the surrounding mountains with shades of gold and orange most dominant right now. There are vibrant reds also appearing right now, although they seem to be less abundant than previous years. We're still a week or so from peak color, so we may still see more bright red. Even valley locations are quite showy right now and promise more color to come in the days ahead. Anytime between now and the second week of November would be an excellent time to view the showy display from aboard the River Gorge Explorer.

Here's a peek at last fall's peak color in the Tennessee River Gorge:

If you are looking for some great fall hikes, here are a couple of ideas within a few minutes of downtown Chattanooga:

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