Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gloomy Weather Can Provide Great Views

October is normally one of Chattanooga's driest months. Not this year. The seemingly perpetual rains have made us appreciate the glimpses of blue sky we have been getting lately. Usually, the blue above us appears endless this time of year. But gloomy weather can often provide great opportunities for viewing wildlife. And that's certainly been the case aboard the River Gorge Explorer this week. Thanks to Captain Thomas Offutt who sent these pictures of deer and turkey near the edge of the Tennessee River on Monday's cruise. Captain Offutt had this to say about the recent sightings, "The weather was overcast and rainy and we still had a great day spotting wildlife. Also saw an immature eagle but the pics are not that good. Saw ANOTHER Bald Eagle on sunday but the photos are just average."
Scroll down to read about this past weekend's Hawk Watch cruise.

Hopefully the best is still ahead. Fall colors are beginning to show along the mountain tops near Chattanooga. Dogwoods and a few maples are quite showy right now, but the bright colors are rather sparse currently. Autumn chill will be felt as things dry out over the weekend perhaps offering an opportunity to view wildlife and blue sky at the same time within the Tennessee River Gorge.

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