Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Preparing an Aquarium Feast - Happy Thanksgiving!

This scrumptious platter of seafood might not be what your guests would like to see served tomorrow, but it's an enjoyable feast for the animals at the Tennessee Aquarium. While you might have been making out a grocery list including a big turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries and pumpkin pie our chefs have a somewhat different list.

The Tennessee Aquarium's animals consume nearly 45,000 pounds of restaurant quality seafood each year. But our chefs don't just stop in the seafood isle. They have to cruise the produce section and spend some time in what might be termed, "the specialty food" isle.

Want to amaze your friends and family at the Thanksgiving table this year? Toss out a few of these tasty trivia facts while you're scooping out a second helping of green bean casserole.

Each year, the Tennessee Aquarium's:
Birds eat 832,000 meal worms
Turtles and fish eat 5,616 heads of romaine lettuce
Frogs, salamanders & newts eat 40,000 crickets
Macaws eat 681 pounds of grapes
Butterflies eat 1,056 oranges
Penguins eat 10,800 pounds of capelin

Aquarist Jake Steventon, (see above) hand feeds a beluga sturgeon. Just like the hard work that goes into your Thanksgiving feast, long hours are spent by the Aquarium's husbandry staff and volunteers preparing and delivering well-balanced diets to every animal in each exhibit. Except at the Aquarium the feast happens every day!

Cuttlefish have one of the more unusual feeding behaviors seen at the Aquarium. Catch a glimpse in this video.

Bring your family to enjoy a "Tropical Holiday Adventure" this weekend! Put on your chef's hat. Maybe you can serve up some shrimp to a stingray or shark.


CCOL4HIM said...

Looks like everything at the aquarium is all set for Thanksgiving.

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