Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Falling in Chattanooga

Light snowfall in Chattanooga today has decorated the downtown area with just a hint of winter.

The garden just outside the IMAX 3D Theater's Great Hall caught the attention of several people today. The waterfall and pond were icing over this afternoon. The garden is a really pleasant spot to relax before or after a movie, but today it was best viewed from inside.
We are not expecting any closings at the Aquarium or IMAX 3D Theater over the next several days. As they say, "Come on in the water's fine!" Even inside Penguins' Rock it will be considerably warmer that what we'll experience outside the next few days.
We'd like remind everyone to think of your feathered friends. Backyard birders might think about creating a decorative bird feeder for this cold snap.

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