Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Glacier Cruise Aboard the Explorer

Captain Mike greeted passengers on Saturday, January 30th with a hearty, "Welcome aboard Alaskan Cruise Lines! I think you're going to enjoy today's glacier cruise." He wasn't too far off the mark. Above you see Captain Mike, (left) and Captain Pete (right) before the Tennessee Aquarium River Gorge Explorer departed the Chattanooga Pier on that snowy Saturday.

We don't have many opportunities to see measurable snowfall in downtown Chattanooga, but whenever we do, it's time to grab the camera and head outside.

As Captain Pete pulled away from the Pier, the snowy scenery was a real treat for all on board.

One couple from Birmingham had intended on a weekend in Gatlinburg, but ended up staying in Chattanooga because of slick road conditions the night before. They said they were glad their plans changed and they really enjoyed Captain Mike's "Glacier Cruise" into the Tennessee River Gorge.

The snowy conditions kept cameras clicking. Especially for a group of international educators who were lucky enough to have booked the cruise several months ago. One Egyptian teacher marveled over the scenery while comparing notes on summer heat in the Tennessee Valley and what he experiences in the Middle East.

Naturalist John Dever kept everyone busy with binoculars as well. He pointed out FOUR bald eagles on the cruise. The last sighting turned out to be great viewing for everyone as the eagle was perched on a limb right at the water's edge. (Too bad an excited photographer missed the shot.)

Winter isn't over yet. There may be additional chances to climb aboard the Explorer for another "Glacier Cruise" before the month is over. So pay attention to the weather forecasts and book your seats here: http://www.tnaqua.org/RiverGorgeExplorer/RiverGorgeExplorer.aspx

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