Thursday, March 4, 2010

Aquarium Offers FREE Trees for Arbor Day

(Left to right) Docent volunteer Sibyl Gore, horticulture volunteer Antoinette Pereira and Aquarium lead horticulturist Christine Bock hold some of the bare root seedlings that will soon flourish in the Tennessee Valley.
Chattanooga's Arbor Day is Friday, March 5th. The Tennessee Aquarium and the Lookout Mountain Conservancy encourage everyone to plant a native tree this year. To promote native tree planting, tulip poplar and water Tupelo trees will be available free of charge, at the Tennessee Aquarium Friday, March 5th and Saturday, March 6th while supplies last. Seven-hundred trees will be available on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 10 am Friday morning in the Aquarium’s River Journey building at the gift shop exit.

According to Christine Bock, the Tennessee Aquarium’s lead horticulturist, the tulip poplar is one of the tallest shade trees in North America. “Tulip poplars are extremely fast growing trees,” Bock said. “Their seeds stay on through the winter months which helps attract birds.” The tulip poplar, also known as yellow poplar, is the Tennessee State tree.

Water Tupelo trees are sometimes called Tupelo gum trees. “These large, long-lived trees are typically found in or near water, but will adapt to low areas in many yards,” Bock said. The water Tupelo produces berries which help attract wildlife. “The leaves turn a deep reddish-orange in the fall, which is absolutely gorgeous,” Bock said.

These bare-root seedlings come with a care sheet to help people get their trees off to a great start.


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