Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break Visit Inspires Creativity

Lots of families are enjoying our Spring Break Keeper Kids activities right now.
In fact, a real smile-maker came in today. Apparently a recent Spring Break visit inspired one young lady to write a poem about the Tennessee Aquarium's otters. Enjoy!
Otter! Otter! by Katie, age 10, Rome, Georgia
Otter! Otter! Swimming deep.
Your otter brother is asleep.
You're not afraid to flip.
You're always willing to take a dip.
All around the clock, you never, ever stop.
You always make people smile.
You wouldn't back down from swimming a mile.
When people look at you,
You always feel like there's more to do.
When there's no more fun,
You know the day is done.
I love to watch you play.
I'll come again another day.
Thanks Katie! Here's some video of our playful otters:

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may the blessing be with you.........................................