Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crazy Like a Fox?

Nipper, the male gentoo penguin seen above, has some interesting ideas about nest building. If you watch him at the Tennessee Aquarium closely throughout the day, you'll observe him taking rocks and dropping them in the food pan. None of the other birds seem interested in building a nest in the pans full of fish, but maybe Nipper thinks, "Why not build a nest here? That's where all the food is. After all, once my nest is complete, I can simply lounge around comfortably and not have to go out to eat." But later yesterday afternoon Nipper was seen taking rocks OUT of the food pan and building a nest near the keeper door. So maybe he's just marinating the rocks so his nest will smell like fish. What do you think? Is Nipper smarter than the average gentoo or just being silly?

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