Thursday, May 27, 2010

Camera Shy New Baby Turtles at the Tennessee Aquarium

We have some new baby turtles at the Tennessee Aquarium, but they are a bit camera shy for now. According to senior herpetologist Bill Hughes, the two babies are four-eyed turtles (Sacalai quadriocellata) that hatched this week from eggs laid by an off-exhibit pair on 9 March. The incubation time was 77-78 days at 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The hatchlings weigh about 15 grams and will be maintained off-exhibit. This is the third time that this species has reproduced at the Aquarium. The adults that bred this time have not reproduced previously and are unrelated to the other babies that have hatched. Congratulations to the Aquarium staff members who care for our extensive turtle collection. They must feel like proud parents once again.