Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aqua Kids at the Tennessee Aquarium

We are honored to have the Aqua Kids cast and crew at the Tennessee Aquarium this week. The Emmy-Award winning television program showcases organizations that are inspiring tomorrow's environmental stewards. The fun, fact-filled shows encourage young people to take an active role protecting and preserving aquatic environments and animals. This photograph shows the Aqua Kids filming an introduction to their program on the Aquarium Plaza. Left to right are Aqua Kids Raychel, Drew, Izzy, Molly (the host) and Jennifer.
They are currently working on season six. Episodes from the new season, including the Tennessee Aquarium, will begin airing nationwide in September. The above shot shows Carol Haley, the Aquarium's assistant curator of fishes with the Aqua Kids at the Animal Care Facility.

Dr. Anna George discusses Saving the Sturgeon and other conservation and restoration projects that keep her busy at the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute.

Outreach educator Bethany Lloyd introduces the Aqua Kids to an alligator snapping turtle aboard the River Gorge Explorer. Lloyd is gearing up for a busy season in area classrooms providing NOAA funded ocean literacy programs to students. Her new presentations won't include freshwater species like snapping turtles. They will feature animals like horseshoe crabs that you might encounter in a tide pool.

We hope they had as much fun visiting as we had hosting them. Check your local television listings for the times and stations that Aqua Kids airs in your city at:

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