Monday, June 21, 2010

A chance to see Jelly

When 10 year-old Saunya came to the Aquarium, she was on a mission. She had never been through a revolving door before, and she was intent on mastering the skill before she left. Her instructor and family had already taken her to Hamilton Place Mall to learn how to use elevators and escalators. These are devices that most of us don't even think about. But close your eyes. How would you negotiate a revolving door if you couldn't see? The sound might be intimidating, and if inexperienced, the device could be even be a bit dangerous. Saunya boldly stepped into the revolving door and picked up the skill immediately. In fact, she was soon leading sighted members of her family and even one Aquarium employee through the door with ease.
Many Aquarium visitors have mentioned that they have never actually seen a live opossum before. So when our Animal Encounter Specialists bring "Jelly," a Virginia Opossum, out to meet guests, many are surprised. And in most every case, the good-natured creature wins the hearts of those who meet her. Saunya was eager to see Jelly - through touch. "Her body felt like a dog and her tail felt like a snake," said Saunya. "And she smelled sweet."

I think the smile on Saunya's face speaks volumes.